The Armor Series

With this series of sculpture, the artist continues investigating themes of excess, consumption, historicity, perseverance, survival, transformation and material relics within a contemporary aesthetic language. The suit of armor was chosen as inspiration for it's reference to the warrior-like visage of the collaged portraits as well as metaphoric and literal interpretation. Reference and inspiration was gathered from the Arms and Armor collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as royal portraits including the elaborate oil paintings of Queen Elizabeth.

The sculptures are made from post-waste, recycled plastic which can only be deciphered upon close examination. The process began by collecting used containers for over one year from various sources and donations. With a low-grade heat gun, various PET plastics were warmed allowing them to be molded and crinkled. Some are cut down in small squares and laid in alternating rows to create a scale-like texture. Others exploit the organic twists and spirals that are both menacing and delicate.

The series has been exhibited in commercial galleries as well as public museums.


The talisman is a unique, delicate piece combining luxurious elements such as Swarovski crystals with environmentally and culturally signifcant objects such as bone and stone beads as well as personal items such as discarded Xacto blades used to create the artist’s other work, cut-out backings and irreplaceable heirloom beads from the artist’s deceased grandmother.

Meant to evoke a sense of spirit, power and reverence, the Talisman is both fragile and strong. The center piece is surrounded by a twist of beads referencing the DNA sequence of life while the top portion appears to be a headdress representing thought and culture. The bottom portion loops and dangles with ”feet” of metal that could cut through evil obstacles.

 This series has been displayed in group exhibitions in New York as well as at international art fairs.


The headdresses were created as counterpieces to collages portraits in the Monsters & Maidens exhibition. Hand sculpted with many intricate details including knitted wire horns, cutout backings, fur, razor blades, and beaded strands of code. The artist's interest in embedding secret messages inspired the use of swarovski crystals in a Morse Code pattern which spells out the Q signal: QRO, a navigational term that means "Increase Power."

The Headdresses have been shown in commercial galleries as well as public museums.