Solo booth, Basel, Switzerland with Gallery Poulsen of Copenhagen, DK.

The series was inspired by portraits of fictional and fantastical bridesmaids that were imagined as part of the artist's wedding party. In reference to the historical and cultural richness of Switzerland, the walls were painted a deep magenta framing the figures in royal feminine hues.


Emblems of Empire

Solo exhibition at Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011 

Along with a 1st time two-panel portrait the exhibition unveils a new series of still lifes. Having long been intrigued by the use of codes, hidden meaning, and layered symbolism throughout art history, Hampton's experimentation in this revered tradition is a natural evolution. The playful and richly textured works pay homage to their forerunners and contain the emblematic counterparts used to imply mortality, excess and decay but with an undeniably contemporary twist. Using present day iconography and unorthodox technique Hampton takes these genres to the next level.


Twenty Paces

Priska Juschka Fine Art, New York, NY, 2010

This body of work continues an interest in appropriating media and transforming it to create social and material dialog with multiple entry points to engage the viewer. 

The title Twenty Paces refers to the well known distance spaced between to opponents before a dual. With a direct reference to some of the items used in the figures such as American collectors rifles, pistols, and various other weapons; the metaphor is rich with interpretations. On the grandest level, the dual is between man and nature. We are in the midst of an unprecedented stand-off between humans and nature in a climate change battle caused by our excessive consumption and waste.  On a personal level, Twenty Paces can be interpreted as a challenge to the viewer who stands before the work, directly engaging in the participation, appreciation, and understanding of what the concepts behind the medium represent.