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Debra Hampton was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

She began a diverse art education in the studio department at CSLA, ultimately transferring to CSUF to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History focused on European papal portraiture and social/political murals of Latin America. She then moved to New York to obtain a Master of Art degree from New York University in Humanities and Social Thought with a certificate in Museum Studies. While at NYU, she was an adjunct student at ITP further nurturing her interest in the cross-sections of art, technology and collaborative media.

Her work has spanned various unconventional media investigating issues of commodity, identity and appropriation. She is best known for mixed-media mashup collage portraits created from 1000s of magazine cutouts, splattered ink, and intricately stippled shapes. Accompanying the portrait series are sculpted objects such as headdresses, talisman, and full-size armor.

In addition to gallery and museum exhibitions, Debra Hampton has also created temporary and permanent public art projects commissioned by New York City and Brooklyn community organizations.

Ms. Hampton's work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art Permanent Drawing Collection, The Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, and has been included in publications such as ArtReview, the New York Times, Politiken (Denmark), Kunst (Denmark), Etapes (France), and New York Arts Magazine. She has been recipient of the NY Department of Transportation Urban Art Program commission for public art, Chashama AREA Studio Residency and an A.I.R. Gallery fellowship. She serves on the board of The Creatives Project and has been invited to participate in several lectures and symposium including the College Art Association and NYC undergraduate courses.

She currently lives and works in the New York metropolitan area.

Photos by  Aileen Son  for  RxArt

Photos by Aileen Son for RxArt